Süßer Apfel / Saurer Apfel

  • Zitat

    You can get both the Tart and Sweet Apple in Hammerlocke, which is located after you’ve completed the third gym. Once you arrive, go up the ramp and stop as the crossroads where the Pokemon Center is located on the left. Now head down the left road until you cross a large bridge and reach a massive arch. You’ll see a trainer by a grassy path just standing by the road.

    Speaking to him and selecting the “I haven’t” dialogue option will trigger a brief in-game cutscene. If you have an Applin, the trainer will briefly examine it and then give you either the Tart or Sweet Apple. You have to have an Applin to earn this item, otherwise, you’ll need to come back later.

  • Yoshi

    Hat das Label Schwert & Schild hinzugefügt